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Boat Slips

Sewell Hubbert (Owner) @ 410-463-0325


Marina is Open 7 Days a Week Dawn to Dusk.


Rental Rates Effective January 1st 2014 

Annual New Slips with Water (Electric is Extra)                                                  $995.00 per Year

Monthly New Slips with Water (Electric is Extra)                                                $225.00 per Month

Weekly New Slips with Water (Electric is Extra)                                                 $120.00 per Week

Daily (20 Foot Minimum)                                                                                            $1.00 per Foot



All Resident Campground Boats Left Overboard All Night Will Please Pay Kitty Hughes, the Manager, $10.00 per Night.  (HONOR SYSTEM)


42 Slip Marina with a 70 Foot Tee Head

6 Foot Draft in a Federal Channel

County Boat Ramp Joins the Property. 


Note: Boat Ramp and Parking are Free to the Public.




Boat, Camper or Trailer (Payable Quarterly in Advance)


Boat, Camper or Miscellanous                                                                                 $50.00 per Month

Boat, Camper or Miscellanous $420.00 by the Year in Advance                        $35.00 per Month

Boat Trailer                                                                                                                  $25.00 per Month


Indoor Dry Storage

Boats per Month ($75.00 per Month with a 5 Month Minimum)                      $375.00 (5 Months)

Boats Over 25 Feet (Per Month)                                                                                  $3.00 a Foot


Outside Contractors Must Have Prior Approval.


Restrooms and Showers are Available to All Patrons.


Thank You



















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