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Kitty Hughes (Manager) @ 410-228-4111

Sewell Hubbert (Owner) @ 410-463-0325


Rental Rates Effective January 1st 2014

Annual Campground Rental                                                                $1,500.00  per Year

Monthly Campground Rental (Includes Electric and Water)             $295.00  per Month

Weekly Rental (includes Electric and Water)                                        $140.00  per Week

Daily Campground Rental (Includes Electric and Water)                     $40.00  per Night

Tent Area Rental  (Includes Showers and Bathroom Facilities)          $20.00 per Night one tent for one person

              and $10.00 for each additional person.

Tent Area Weekly (Includes Showers and Bathroom Facilities)        $100.00 per Week



 Septic Dumps Free to Partrons and $20.00 to Non-Patrons.     


NOTE: Annual Campground Rental Includes Water and Electric Hook Up. Electric Statements will be Billed Quarterly with a $10.00 Minimum per Month. 


68 Permanent Sites

8 Transient Sites




Boat, Camper or Trailer  (Payable Quarterly in Advance)


Boat, Camper or Miscellanous                                                             $50.00 per Month 

Boat, Camper or Miscellanous by the year($420.00 in advance)   $35.00  per Month

Boat Trailer                                                                                              $25.00 per Month


         Indoor  Dry Storage

Boat per Month ($75.00 per month with a 5 month minimum)   $375.00 (5 Months)

Boats Over 25 Feet  (per Month)                                                             $3.00 a Foot


Outside Contractors must get prior Approval.





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